Center for Sustainable Development

The Center for Sustainable Development is a hub for sustainability and sustainable development with a focus on applied research, experiential learning, operational management, and public engagement on campus and in the greater Charleston community. Organizationally, the Center is located within Academic Affairs, which gives it a high profile on campus and in the community, where it can be accessed by, and have an influence on, all members of our campus community. This represents an exciting step forward for the College of Charleston and signals a new chapter in our esteemed history. We hope you join us in establishing the vision, cultivating ideas, and strategically implementing those ideas and visions toward a Sustainable CofC.

You can earn up to $5,000 in funding! Grants available for sustainable campus projects.

Each student pays a Green Fee of $10 per semester to the ECOllective Fund that supports projects and initiatives that contribute to sustainability at the College of Charleston. A portion of the ECOllective Fund is set aside specifically to fund student-proposed projects that educate the campus community, encourage positive action for society and the environment, provide research data, and promote collaboration of various academic disciplines. This funding is administered by the ECOllective Student Project Committee (ESPC), which is composed entirely by members of the student body.

To take advantage of this funding, students have the opportunity to work collaboratively with ESPC to complete the application process and make their sustainability project a reality here on campus. If you are a CofC student with an idea for a student-led project or event that will make our campus more sustainable, then this is the place for you. Learn more here.


The College Today - Student Art Work Explores Food Security

Check out The College Today's latest article, a piece about the Student Art Expression of the Year for this year's theme of food insecurity.  One of the installations is featured in front of our office at 10 Green Way!  Congrats to all 3 students who had their proposals selected!

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