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Office Organizational Structure

Within the College, the Office of Sustainability is located within the division of Business Affairs. The Director reports directly to the Executive Vice President for Business Affairs. For more detailed information on the organizational structure of the College, click here

The Office itself is best described as a network hub designed to facilitate and expedite transformation of campus buildings, designs, approaches, and behavior/attitudes on sustainability issues. The Director position is the primary facilitating cog in this wheel, supported by the Intern and Student Coordinator and staff. Student interns make up the spokes to the wheel, and are the driving force for most of our initiatives and projects. All of this is guided by the 10 Visionary Values that we have established.

The Physical Plant, Environmental Health and Safety, Parking Services, Administration, Campus Dining, the Sustainability Practice Network, Student groups, Program Directors, and many others are all critical parts of this organizational network of sustainability.

The key is to establish concrete links of communication between these nodes and to promote corridors for development and integration of ideas from these sources and inputs. Secondarily, we must begin to establish deeper links from these areas to the campus community where everyone is not only represented but has a voice, standing, and access to this dynamic transformative process.

Nothing in this structure is static, it is an ongoing process with a goal of openness and transparency to achieve greater campus sustainability.

As these positions materialize, we will begin to diagram the organizational structure here.

If interested in a more engaged role in campus sustainability, please contact Dr. Ashley Lavender at: or Adrian Barry at:

Updated Organizational Structure