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The Office of Sustainability graphic was created in the fall of 2011; the design idea was from one of Dr. Fisher's students. For us, it represents the core of sustainability.

We strive to shift from linear to cyclical systems that can replenish and restore our environment, while reshaping our relationships to each other as part of a community.  The colored shapes are the letter "C" and represent the "cradle to cradle" systems that divert linear processes and practices into cyclical ones. For example, we strive to be a zero-waste campus where we eliminate waste and all regenerating material is cycled back into the system. This design allows for innovation and diversity, two very important aspects of sustainability, as they allow for the creation of a more balance approach that can be sustained, ad infinitum.

We have begun to develop a “shared vision” for community sustainability, one that will be shaped by our efforts to cultivate a sense of connection between people, culture and place. This becomes the foundation for building a resilient, and ultimately sustainable, community. Within the infinity symbol are pictures that demonstrate the scale of integrated interaction--the left picture showing the cityscape of Charleston and the right picture showing earth. This emphasizes our connection of local communities to earth, and those systems operating at all scales. We are a conjoined local and global community, connected by larger systems in which we hope to recreate our places in ways that contribute to infinite cycles of replenishment. For us, sustainability is not a slogan or a policy to be championed, but rather a philosophy that underpins our approach to education, infrastructure, community, and culture to meet the changing needs of the 21st Century.