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Dr. Fisher

Dr. Fisher came to the College of Charleston in 2009 after getting his PhD. from UC Irvine. He has a joint appointment in the Office, sharing time between serving as Director and teaching courses out of the Political Science department. In his free time, he enjoys supporting his Pittsburgh Steelers and alma mater Auburn Tigers and spending time with his wife Brenda and their four children.


Phone: 843-953-7532

Address: 14 Green Way (Rm 301)

DR. ASHLEY LAVENDER, Associate Director & Internship Coordinator
Summer 2017 - Present
Dr. Ashley Lavender

Dr. Lavender joined the Office in May 2017 after teaching at the College of Charleston during the 2016-2017 academic year. In addition to this full-time staff position, she enjoys teaching various courses related to sustainability in the Department of Biology. She earned her B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (minor: Marine Biology) and B.A. in German at the University of Connecticut and then went on to Drexel, Penn State, and Old Dominion Universities to earn her M.S. in Biology and Ph.D. in Ecological Sciences. Shortly before completing her doctorate, she was selected to participate in Duke University’s Marine Conservation Summer Institute. Her perspective has widened from environmental stewardship as the effects of human activities on the Planet become increasingly more pronounced and pervasive, calling for a holistic, constructive, and multi-tiered approach to sustainability. Basking in nature, studying and mitigating the impacts of human activities on aquatic life (especially acoustic impacts), connecting humans to life’s source, rehabilitating wildlife, dancing, practicing yoga, co-managing an upcycled accessories business, engaging with the community through public outreach and partnerships, and studying and conserving turtles are among her passions. She indeed has a zest for life and is thrilled to be a member of the Office of Sustainability Team and an active member of the community through Charleston Green Drinks and the Tri-County Food Alliance!


Phone: 843-953-4986*

Address: 14 Green Way (Rm 201-A)


Summer 2018 - Present
Jennifer Saunders

Longtime friend of the office, Jennifer first got involved in campus sustainability issues as a graduate student in the Masters of Environmental Studies Program 2009-2012. After teaching in Japan for three years from 2012 to 2015, she returned full-circle to CofC as an adjunct professor of environmental studies Fall of 2016. Ever looking for points of intervention in systems responsible for environmental degradation and social injustice, she is a big proponent of community involvement and taking action on multiple scales. She's a co-creator of The Stone Soup Collective, a nonprofit dedicated to making healthy food for those in need. Focusing more continuously on food and housing security she joined the Charleston YOUth Count team as Associate Technical Director in March of 2018. She joined the Office of Sustainability in an official capacity as Zero Waste Program Manager in May of 2018. Please feel free to reach out to her about ways you can get involved! She also enjoys martial arts (aikido and karate in particular), reading, being outside, and plants (growing, eating, and otherwise enjoying them).


Phone: 843-953-0749

Address: 14 Green Way (Rm 201-A)

ELIZA BOWER, Sustainable Transportation Program Manager
Spring 2015 - Present
Eliza Bower

Eliza Bower graduated from the College of Charleston in the spring of 2015 with a degree in Historic Preservation and Community Planning, and Art History, with a minor in Urban Studies. Now she is pursuing her masters in Community Planning Policy and Design. Eliza is the Sustainable Transportation Program Manager at the office. Eliza manages the College's Bike Share Program, promotes bike safety, and encourages the campus community to use alternative transportation. You can see her riding around town on her bumper sticker-ed bike wearing a lavender helmet.


Phone: 803-953-0716

Address: 14 Green Way (Rm 202)

BIANCA LAPAZ, Assistant Internship Coordinator
Fall 2016 - Present
Bianca LaPaz

Bianca LaPaz has been a resident of the Charleston area for most of her life. She is an Urban Studies major in her last year at the College of Charleston, concentrating in Sustainable Urbanism and minoring in Environmental & Sustainability Studies. Bianca spent her first year with the Office as an intern, working on the Social Justice Coffee Hour team, before being hired as the Assistant Internship Coordinator in August 2017. She is a born-again environmentalist and social justice advocate through her involvement in the Bonner Leader Program. Her hobbies include reading, writing, sewing, making artwork, listening to podcasts, and dancing to electronic music. She is infamous for her dried flower arrangements and recently created her first zine. She takes pride in her enigmatic qualities but never wishes to remain in the spotlight for very long. Sustainability has been her passion for several years now, with the foundation being set through a lot of self-education and exploration late in high school. Her time at the College and especially at the Office has broadened her horizons when it comes to learning to live sustainably and make conscientious decisions. She seeks to use her degree in Urban Studies to address various issues surrounding sustainable urban planning, especially in the face of climate change, in the hopes of promoting environmental, economic, and social justice. She is especially interested in seeing how this can be applied in major cities, like New York City, which is by far her favorite. Looking back, her freshman self never could have even dreamed that she’d end up here, and she is immensely grateful to be with the Office.


Phone: 843-953-4986 

Address: 14 Green Way (Rm 201-B)

CAMELA GUEVARA, Media Manager and Lead Designer
Fall 2018 - Present

Camela GuevaraCamela Guevara graduated from the College of Charleston in 2010 with an art degree. While at the college, she learned garment sewing at the Rose Knot, an alterations shop. Sewing found its way into her artwork while renting a studio at Redux Contemporary Art Center. She has worked in sewing, small-scale manufacturing, and art supplies, in addition to photography and graphic design. She has done branding for non-profits such as Carolina Youth Action Project and Redux Contemporary Art Center.
In her artwork, she creates handmade monuments to unsung labor through sewing, weaving, and embroidery. She teaches embroidery with a hand screen printed sampler of stitches. She is currently creating a handmade wardrobe to reduce dependency on fast fashion.


Phone: 843-953-1004

Address: 14 Green Way (Rm 201-A)

JULIE CHEA, Creative Content Developer
Fall 2018 - Present

Julie CheaJulie is a recent graduate of the College of Charleston in the spring of 2018 with a degree in Computing in the Arts, with a concentration in Studio Art. While at the College, she was actively involved in several organizations that focused on social justice, diversity, and sustainability. She was also one of the first members to participate in the Urban Agriculture Apprenticeship. Now as she navigates post-grad, she strives to explore the intersections of art, technology, and activism in order to pursue additional paths that cultivate dialogue about social justice and community narratives in today’s tech-saturated culture. Always excited to collaborate as a team, Julie thrives in environments that seek to empower one another while promoting mindful and sustainable practices.


Phone: 843-953-1004

Address: 14 Green Way (Rm 201-A)

SKYELYNN LANDRY, We Are Family Liaison and Community Transportation Liaison
Fall 2018 - Present

Skyelynn LandrySkyelynn's relationship with the Office of Sustainability began in 2016 during her work with Southerners on New Ground as a member-leader of the Charleston chapter of the abolitionist and queer liberation grassroots organization. Though her earliest lens of sustainability developed as a child through her love of nature, hiking, camping, and all things outdoors, her political engagement, work in grassroots community organizing, and personal struggles as a queer and transgender person have expanded her scope of sustainability to the dimensions of personal, social, economic, and beyond. In addition to other community organizations and groups, Skyelynn works directly with the lgbtq+ youth support organization We Are Family, which recently opened a second-hand store in North Charleston called Closet Case Thrift. Closing the loop in the production of textiles and other material goods to build more circular economies, including sustainable food systems, is something in which Skyelynn is deeply invested. Her academic background is in psychology, and she was the first Clemson graduate to focus a minor in Modern Language - Chinese, which she helped officially establish at the institution while preparing for a semester abroad in Dalian, China. She went on to live in China for six years, teaching English while immersing herself in the language culture outside of the classroom. Skyelynn speaks and reads Mandarin Chinese fluently as well as French with a strong basis in both Spanish and German. Her lifelong goal is to be able to speak 10 languages fluently. Number one on her bucket list, however, is to see aurora borealis with her own eyes.


Phone: 843-953-0498

Address: 14 Green Way (Rm 101)


ADDIE BATES, Food Security Intern
Summer 2018 - Present 
Adelaide Bates

Adelaide Bates is a junior at the College of Charleston, majoring in Urban Studies with a focus on Sustainable Development. During high school Adelaide founded a farmers market in her hometown, McClellanville SC,  to fight food insecurity, preserve small farmland, empower small-scale agriculturist and promote community. Now at the College of Charleston, she works with the Office of Sustainability and CofC Dining Services to coordinate the monthly farmers market on campus that aims to combat student food insecurity issues. 

Spring 2018 - Present
Vanity Deterville

Vanity Reid Deterville is a rising senior Political Science major concentrating in Public Policy at the College of Charleston and a native of Charleston, SC. She has dedicated her time as an activist to LGBTQ initiatives and populations throughout the Lowcountry experiencing housing and food instability through the outreach of "We Are Family," an organization dedicated to LBGTQ youth here in Charleston, with the collaboration of the The College of Charleston Joseph P. Riley Center for Livable Communities and the administration of the “Charleston YOUth Count”. She believes that tradition has sometimes maintained a restrictive stronghold on southern families and queer youth of color. As a new Facilitator of the "Transformative Teaching Collective", she is an advocate of restorative justice, the art for social change and the implementation of the appropriate change necessary for inclusive and progressive thinking, to provide support and professional development for marginalized communities like the LGBTQ community and communities of color. With the work she has done with the Eastside Community Development Corporation she is a steadfast activist for equitable and accessible housing for marginalized communities in Peninsular Charleston, SC.

SAM JENKINS, Web Design and Synergies Intern
Spring 2019 - Present
Sam Jenkins

Sam is a Junior at the College pursuing a degree in Computing in the Arts with a concentration in Digital Media. He is also a member of the College of Charleston Honors College and Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society. Growing up in Charleston, West Virginia, Sam developed a love for nature at a young age, which has lasted to this day. He became familiar with the idea of sustainability during his freshman year when he took a course entitled “Sustainability, Innovation, and Technology”, in which the collaboration between emerging technology and sustainable practices was discussed. With a background in the mountains of WV and a future career in Computer Science, Sam believes it is important to consider sustainable practices in our advances in technology. Outside of school, Sam enjoys playing basketball, gaming, and creating digital art.

FIONA LEWIS, Rotation Intern
Spring 2019 - Present
Fiona Lewis

Fiona is a junior Biology major and is minoring in Environmental and Sustainability Studies at the College. Growing up in Charleston sparked her adoration for the beauty and health of the city as a whole. She enjoys spending time on the water, hiking and camping in the mountains, attending concerts, doing yoga, and taking photographs. As a rotation intern, Fiona will be working with the ZeroWaste, Community Outreach, and Social Media teams. She is also an active member of the Sustainability Week Student Committee. She is passionate about creating a sustainable future for both the campus and the greater Charleston area.

DARIEN PARKER, Green Office Certification Program Lead Intern
Spring 2019 - Present
Darien Parker

Darien is a senior at the College double majoring in Political Science and International Studies with a concentration in Latin America and the Caribbean. Her studies have influenced her passions of social justice, environmentalism, and all things political. Her time at the College has heightened her interest in social sustainability, and she is excited to explore this aspect of sustainability with the internship program. Darien is developing the Green Office Certification program to recognize sustainable practices in offices and to further embed sustainability in our campus culture for students, faculty, and staff. Additionally, she is a continuing member of the ECOllective Student Project Committee that supports student-led sustainability projects on campus.

SASHA PRAMESTI, Garden Apprentice Program Co-Lead Intern
Summer 2019 - Present

Sasha is a rising junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. She first got involved with the Office of Sustainability as a Garden Apprentice last spring and is excited to turn the tables this summer as the new co-lead for the Garden Apprenticeship Program. Sasha also interns with the MES Sustainable Agriculture Program and volunteers with The Green Heart Project.

LUCAS ROMANOVA, Photography and Videography Intern
Spring 2019 - Present
Anastasiya Romanova

Lucas Romanova is a currently a rising Senior at the College and is studying Computing In the Arts with a Russian Studies minor. They have always had a passion for sustainability and implement a sustainable lifestyle such as being vegan, recycling and looking hard at their carbon footprint. Lucas is excited to be an intern at the Office and is especially excited to learn new ways to create media as a part of the media intern. They are always ready to show a picture of their cat or to find new vegan restaurants to go to!

RACHEL SKIDMORE, Garden Apprentice Program Co-Lead Intern
Summer 2019

Rachel Skidmore is a Senior Art History major from Columbia, SC. Beginning college at Clemson University before transferring to the College of Charleston her sophomore year, Rachel is new to the Office of Sustainability and is excited to finally get involved on campus as the Garden Apprenticeship Co-Lead. She enjoys reading, running around Charleston, biking, and just generally being outside. Rachel discovered her interest in sustainable agriculture through taking several classes at the college, an Alternative Break trip to Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center in spring of 2018, and her involvement in the Green Heart Program at Mitchell Elementary school this past fall semester. She is interested in the intersection of sustainability with social justice at the community level and hopes to learn how to build a community around local food, shifting the way that we see ourselves in relation to what and how we eat.

BRYNN SMITH, Outreach and Community Partnership Intern
Fall 2017-Fall 2018, Summer 2019
Brynn Smith

Brynn Smith is a recent graduate of the College of Charleston with a Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Education and has received her state teaching certification and licensure after teaching 6th Grade ELA last semester in North Charleston. She is also a former delegate and Chair of the Education Committee for South Carolina Student Legislature, as well as the former Co-Chair of the College's delegation. Brynn has been with the Office since the fall of 2017 and is the former chairperson of the ECOllective Student Project Committee. Her passion for sustainable systems stems from her love for her students, passion for equitable education opportunities, and a desire to leave our planet and society a better place for those who come after us. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and backpacking, trying new plant-based recipes, and attending music festivals. Brynn has also recently accepted a position training English teachers for Peace Corps Colombia and will be departing in September! (You can follow her journey via her blog, Becoming Costeña, here!)

BLAKE WOOLDRIDGE, Zero Waste Support Intern
Summer 2019 - Present
Blake Wooldridge

Blake is a rising Senior at the College of Charleston earning his Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management with minors in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. His infatuation with Environmental Studies began at an early age, fishing, surfing, crabbing, and hiking taught him to appreciate and respect the environment. Throughout college a spiked interest in Sustainability Studies began with the course Introductory to Environmental Studies. Exposure to the complexity and depth of Environmental topics led to attendance of many Office sponsored events and in turn a yearn to further broaden his knowledge. He joined the Sustainability Literacy Institute (SLI) to further develop a comprehensive knowledge of the methods to tackle issues of the 21st century. SLI served as a bridge for the internship program and allowed for the adoption of a holistic approach to issues such as waste management. Blake hopes to broaden the reach of the Zero Waste team and strive to increase the capacity of sanctioned Zero Waste events.