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Dr. Fisher

Dr. Fisher came to the College of Charleston in 2009 after getting his PhD. from UC Irvine. He has a joint appointment in the Office, sharing time between serving as Director and teaching courses out of the Political Science department. In his free time he enjoys supporting his Pittsburgh Steelers and alma mater Auburn Tigers and spending time with is wife Brenda and their four children.


Phone: 843-953-7532

Address: 14 Green Way. (rm.301)

DR. ASHLEY LAVENDER, Internship and Student Coordinator
Spring 2017 - Present
Dr. Ashley Lavender

Dr. Lavender joined the Office in May 2017 after teaching at the College of Charleston during the 2016-2017 academic year. In addition to this full-time staff position, she enjoys teaching various courses related to sustainability in the Department of Biology. She earned her B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (minor: Marine Biology) and B.A. in German at the University of Connecticut and then went on to Drexel, Penn State and Old Dominion Universities to earn her M.S. in Biology and Ph.D. in Ecological Sciences. Shortly before completing her doctorate, she was selected to participate in Duke University’s Marine Conservation Summer Institute. Her perspective has widened from environmental stewardship as the effects of human activities on the Planet become increasingly more pronounced and pervasive, calling for a holistic, constructive, and multi-tiered approach to sustainability. Basking in nature, studying and mitigating the impacts of human activities on aquatic life (especially acoustic impacts), connecting humans to life’s source, rehabilitating wildlife, dancing, practicing yoga, co-managing an upcycled accessories business, engaging with the community through public outreach and partnerships, and studying and conserving turtles are among her passions. She indeed has a zest for life and is thrilled to be a member of the Office of Sustainability Team!


Phone: 843-953-4986*

Address: 14 Green Way. (rm. 201-A)


Fall 2011 - Spring 2012, Spring 2013, Spring 2016 - Present
Adrian Barry

Adrian Barry was a Political Science student at the College, originally from New Jersey. While at CofC, Adrian was active on campus, founding CofC for Urban Agriculture and Green CofC, as well as serving as President of the Political Science Club, an active member of SC Student Legislature, and an honorary "Friend of MESSA." Adrian was appointed to the President's Advisory Committee for Sustainability and the CofC Labor Day Celebration Planning Committee, and, as a SGA Senator, Adrian created the Student Sustainability Committee. In that capacity, Adrian was invited to join Dr. Fisher's Sustainability Task Force as the undergraduate class representative, and went on to help found the Office of Sustainability, where he worked both as an Intern Coordinator and a Sustainability Fellow. Adrian is looking forward to rejoining the Office as a member of the staff and annoying everyone with his institutional memory of how things worked back in his day!


Phone: 803-953-0498

Address: 14 Green Way. (rm. 101-A)

ELIZA BOWER, Sustainable Transportation Program Manager
Spring 2015 - Present
Eliza Bower

Eliza Bower graduated from the College of Charleston in the spring of 2015 with a degree in Historic Preservation and Community Planning, and Art History, with a minor in Urban Studies. Now she is in grad school getting her masters in Community Planning Policy and Design. Eliza is the Sustainable Transportation Program Manager at the office. She manages the college's Bike Share Program, promotes bike safety, and encourages the campus community to use alternative transportation. You can see her riding around town on her bumper sticker-ed bike wearing a lavender helmet.


Phone: 803-953-0716

Address: 14 Green Way. (rm. 202)

BIANCA LAPAZ, Assistant Internship Coordinator
Fall 2016 - Present
Bianca LaPaz

Bianca LaPaz has been a resident of the Charleston area for most of her life. She is an Urban Studies major in her last year at the College of Charleston, concentrating in Sustainable Urbanism and minoring in Environmental & Sustainability Studies. Bianca spent her first year with the Office as an intern, working on the Social Justice Coffee Hour team, before being hired as the Assistant Internship Coordinator in August 2017. She is a born-again environmentalist and social justice advocate through her involvement in the Bonner Leader Program. Her hobbies include reading, writing, sewing, making artwork, listening to podcasts, and dancing to electronic music. She is infamous for her dried flower arrangements and recently created her first zine. She takes pride in her enigmatic qualities, but never wishes to remain in the spotlight for very long. Sustainability has been her passion for several years now, with the foundation being set through a lot of self-education and exploration late in high school. Her time at the College and especially at the Office has broadened her horizons when it comes to learning to live sustainably and make conscientious decisions. She seeks to use her degree in Urban Studies to address various issues surrounding sustainable urban planning, especially in the face of climate change, in the hopes of promoting environmental, economic, and social justice. She is especially interested in seeing how this can be applied in major cities, like New York City, which is by far her favorite. Looking back, her freshman self never could have even dreamed that she’d end up here, and she is immensely grateful to be with the Office.


Phone: 843-953-4986 

Address: 14 Green Way. (rm. 201-B)

JENNIFER SAUNDERS, Zero Waste Program Manager
Summer 2018
Jennifer Saunders

Long time friend of the office, Jennifer first got involved in campus sustainability issues as a graduate student in the Masters of Environmental Studies Program 2009-2012. After teaching in Japan for three years from 2012 to 2015, she returned full-circle to CofC as an adjunct professor of environmental studies Fall of 2016. She joined the Office of Sustainability in an official capacity as Zero Waste Program Manager in May of 2018. Ever looking for points of intervention in systems responsible for environmental degradation and social injustice, she is a big proponent of community involvement and taking action on multiple scales. She's a co-creator of The Stone Soup Collective, a nonprofit dedicated to making healthy food for those in need. Please feel free to reach out to her about ways you can get involved! She also enjoys martial arts (aikido and karate in particular), reading, being outside, and plants (growing, eating, and otherwise enjoying them).


Phone: 843-953-0749

Address: 14 Green Way. (rm. 201-A)

NIKKI SCIOSCIA, Media Manager & Lead Designer
Spring 2017 - Present
Nikki Scioscia

Nikki is an exhibiting illustrator, graphic designer, and videographer who joined the Office of Sustainability in Spring 2017. Her work is informed by her connection with nature, her meditation and yoga practices, and her passion for social and environmental justice. She is a graduate of the College of Charleston and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Communication. She has also studied art in Florence, Italy and at Penland School of Crafts in Spruce Pine, NC. Nikki is passionate about contributing her visual communication skills to movements that educate and empower communities in the name of Mother Earth. She has illustrated album art, logos, and posters, and she is currently illustrating a book on natural childbirth. She enjoys singing, percussion, ecstatic dance, and exploring diverse ecosystems.


Phone: 843-953-1004

Address: 14 Green Way. (rm. 201-A)


ADELAIDE BATES, Community Outreach Intern
Summer 2018 
Adelaide Bates

Adelaide is an incoming freshmen at the College of Charleston, jumping in head first as the Community Outreach Intern. Growing up in McClellanville, SC outside of Charleston, a sustainable lifestyle has always been innate for her. Starting her sophomore year of high school, Adelaide founded and directed the McClellanville Land & Sea Market, a nonprofit farmers market catering to the FDA Food Desert in the Bulls Bay Area. Now as she begins her journey towards Downtown she will be studying Business at the College in hopes to support the local economy through small businesses around the Lowcountry!

BOBBY BERNTAVITZ, Bike Share Lead Intern
Summer 2018 
Bobby Berntavitz

Bobby Bernatavitz is a senior at CofC studying Anthropology with a minor in Computational Thinking. His passion for sustainability started when he kid doing activities like hiking or camping and grew as he got older and developed a strong connection to the great outdoors. In his free time, Bobby enjoys hiking, surfing, biking, and playing guitar. He is excited to promote biking and bike safety this summer at the college and around the Charleston area with the bike share program.

EMMA BERRY, Social Media Lead Intern
Fall 2017 - Present
Emma Berry

Emma Berry is a recent college graduate of the College of Charleston. She earned her degree in Communication with a minor in Environmental and Sustainability studies. She has always been interested in her surrounding environment, but her passion for sustainability intensified after she participated in an Alternative Spring Break trip during her spring break sophomore year. On the trip they learned about earth literacy while living in an off-grid community in the mountains of Washburn, Tennessee. Since then Emma has begun her life long journey of pursuing sustainable living. She uses her knowledge in communication to spread environmental awareness and hopes to do more work in the environmental communication field in the future. Some of Emma’s other interests include traveling, listening and dancing to good music, and spending time relaxing at Folly Beach.

VANITY REID DETERVILLE, Social Justice Coffee Hour Lead
Spring 2018 - Present
Vanity Deterville

Vanity Reid Deterville is a 23 year old Political Science student concentrating in Public Policy at the College of Charleston and a native of Charleston, SC. She has dedicated her time as an activist to LGBTQ initiatives and populations throughout the Lowcountry experiencing housing instability through the outreach of "We Are Family," an organization dedicated to LBGTQ youth here in Charleston. Some of her creative projects include an unprecedented play in the city's history as she highlights her intersecting identities as a black person and a trans-woman with a collaborative effort in the form of a Poetic Play entitled "Sugar In the Grits" which was showcased in last year's annual MOJA Arts festival. She believes that tradition has sometimes maintained a restrictive stronghold on southern families and queer youth of color. An attendee of "Transformative Teaching Collective" meetings, she is an advocate of art for social change and wants to implement the appropriate change necessary for inclusive and progressive thinking, to provide support and professional development for queer youth and youth of color inside CCSD schools while recently graduating from the Charleston RISE program, an extension of the National 50 Can organization and through the words of her ongoing poetry series entitled [T]he [I]ntracacies of [M]e [E]xposed.

BECCA EATON, Riley Center Bike Share Intern
Summer 2018

Becca is a senior in the Honors program pursuing a degree in Biology with future goals of becoming a nurse anesthetist (CRNA). She is from Columbia, South Carolina but refers to Charleston as her home now. Since attending the College of Charleston she has developed a desire to live more sustainably thanks to the efforts of the Office of Sustainability, and she is extremely excited to be a part of the team this summer. She is very passionate about the medical field and spends a few hours every week volunteering in the PACU at MUSC. She also has a super cute dog named Padma. In her free time she enjoys going to the beach, napping, and spending time with animals.

Suzanna Ellison, Garden Apprenticeship Intern
Summer 2018
Suzanna Ellison

A rising junior, Suzanna’s passion for sustainability led her to choose a Biology major and Environmental Studies minor. She finds that sustainability flows into her life best through community gardening: by establishing a space for healthy, ethical food production in a community, people are empowered with knowledge, resources, and a deep connection with Earth and our role as part of it. At the Office, Suzanna is working on a proposal to connect students to our school’s gardening initiatives through all four years at the College, helping to meet the needs of students in terms of food availability, as well as educating on Earth as a resource to be understood through hands on learning! You may see her eating raw vegetables for breakfast, mumbling things like, “a little dirt never hurt,” and attempting to propagate one too many plants per mason jar.

JOANNA FURMANCHIK, Riley Center Partnership Intern
Spring 2018 - Present
Joanna Furmanchik

Joanna Furmanchik graduated in the Spring of 2018 with a degree in Sociology from the College of Charleston. Joanna will continue to pursue a partnership internship between the Riley Center for Livable Communities and the Office of Sustainability as she works and participates in the Charleston YOUth Count. She has participated in several previous Point in Time (PIT) counts here in Charleston and has volunteered with East Cooper Community Outreach (ECCO) and Hibben United Methodist Cold Shelter. In her free time, Joanna enjoys reading, listening/singing to music, watching movies/documentaries, going on walks, laughing and spending time with her friends and family.

TANNER GLAZE, Podcasts Lead
Summer 2015 - Present
Tanner Glaze

Tanner is a Psychology major at the College of Charleston. Tanner originally started at the Office of Sustainability as a partnership intern with Lowcountry Street Grocery (LSG). LSG is a mobile farmers’ market that brings fresh local produce to communities in need. Her job was to help locate communities that were considered food deserts and to help LSG design a bus route. Tanner is currently working on a new project with the office’s Marketing Team creating social sustainability podcasts. Social sustainability is her passion. The intersect between environment and social issues is important, but often forgotten. Social issues are an important part of sustainability, and Tanner hopes to bring awareness this aspect of sustainability.

MARYBETH GRIMES, Sustainability Week Student Steering Committee Co-chair
Spring 2018 - Present
Marybeth Grimes

Marybeth Grimes is a Junior at the college pursuing a degree in Public Health with minors in Psychology and Environmental and Sustainability Studies. She developed a devout passion for health and the environment in her early college years, which encouraged her to intern with the Office of Sustainability. A few of Marybeth’s academic focuses include sustainable nutrition and development, food systems, hydrology & water management and personal health. She has goals of living and promoting sustainable lifestyles on a local level, and hopes to make a global impact one day. After college, she hopes to travel to the undeveloped countries in Africa to work and assist clean water initiatives, as well as educate and help the prevention of communicable diseases. Marybeth enjoys being outside with friends, having a cup of tea after a hot yoga class, taking road trips to see live music shows, and traveling to as many places as possible.

MADELINE KISER, Sustainable Nutrition Intern/ Community Partnership Intern
Fall 2017 - Present
Madeline Kiser

Madeline Kiser graduated in May of 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from the College of Charleston. She is excited to pursue her passion of encouraging, promoting, and supporting the interconnectedness of environmental, personal, political, economic and social health and well-being. This internship has encouraged her to drive less and walk more, consume less energy, buy recycled products, eat locally grown foods, join groups that strive for justice of all beings, produce less waste, protect wildlife, compost, and conserve water. Madeline enjoys listening to music, gardening, hiking, reading, traveling, and being with friends in her free time.

AUDREY NOONAN, Zero Waste Events Lead
Fall 2017 - Present
Audrey Noonan

Audrey is a Senior in the Honors College at the College of Charleston, pursuing a Bachelors of the Arts in Spanish, with minors in Biology and Environmental and Sustainability Studies. She is currently writing her Bachelors Essay on the sea turtle conservation efforts taking place in Central America. Born and raised in the Carolinas, her love of nature and many hours spent outside paired with courses at the college and time farming has led to eye-opening experiences and passion for environmental education. In her free time, she enjoys playing lacrosse, spending time with friends, hiking, camping, and just about anything outdoors.

PABLO PALACIOS, Social Justice Initiative Lead Intern
Summer 2018
Pablo Palacious

Pablo Palacios is a senior at the College majoring in Anthropology with minors in Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies. Pablo has held a multitude of positions on campus, including jobs in the REACH Program, the Academic Advising and Planning Center, the Center for Excellence in Peer Education, the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, and now as the Social Justice Initiative Lead for the Office of Sustainability. Each year, he has been elected to serve as his class’s Senator in the Student Government Association, where he previously held the role of President Pro Tempore. He is the past recipient of the Alison Piepmeier Scholarship and has recently been named as a Ketner Emerging Leader. He has devoted most of his free time to creating a film on LGBTQIA+ individuals and their experiences growing up with those identities, this project has taken him to various cities across the United States. His passions include advocating for LGBTQIA+ issues, immigration issues, and plant-based lifestyles. His hobbies include reading, dancing, yoga, and watching RuPaul's Drag Race.

STEPHEN PAPPAS, Web Design Intern
Summer 2018
Stephen Pappas

Stephen Pappas graduated in the spring of 2015 with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Russian Studies. From June 2016 to June 2017 he taught English in South Korea. He returned to College of Charleston in the fall of 2017 to pursue a Masters in Computer Science. Stephen joined the Office of Sustainability in the summer of 2018.

CRYSTINA PEREZ, Green Office Certification Intern/ Social Justice Initiative Support Intern
Fall 2016 - Present
Crystina Parez

Crystina graduated from the College of Charleston this past spring with a degree in Anthropology with minors in Geography and Environmental and Sustainability Studies. She attributes her research experiences as the catalysts for her interest in environmental justice, which she hopes to continue in graduate school. She will be focusing on the Green Office Certification Program/ Social Justice Initiatives as a support intern. As an avid backpacker, Crystina enjoys spending time outside and finding different species of frogs.

NEYLE STEADMAN, Zero Waste Infrastructure Lead
Fall 2017 - Present
Neyle Steadman

Neyle Steadman is a Senior at the College majoring in Psychology and minoring in Environmental and Sustainability studies. She lives in James Island with her parents, twin sister, and dog, Yogi. She has always loved the environment, water, and animals and has always had a passion for protecting them. In March of 2017 she decided to transition into a Vegan diet. She hopes that her love of animals, the water, and the environment will help influence other people to start living a more sustainable lifestyle. In her free time she likes to collect succulents, go to the beach, and listen to music.

SARAH THOMPSON, Bike Share Intern
Summer 2018
Sarah Thompson

Sarah is a junior at the College of Charleston pursuing a major in Communication. Sarah's interests in the environment and sustainability have stemmed from her sea turtle mission trip her sophomore year of high school. Originally from New Jersey, Sarah is passionate about supporting local businesses and community building. At the Office of Sustainability, Sarah’s position focuses on the Bike Share Program at CofC. Upon graduation, Sarah would like to go wherever the wind takes her!

SABRINA WARNER, Marketing and Graphic Design Intern
Summer 2018
Sabrina Warner

Sabrina is a Senior at the College from Charleston, SC. She is studying Computing in the Arts with a concentration in Digital Media. In this internet-driven generation it is vital to not only promote sustainability through our actions, but through various online educational platforms. She will be working on the Office of Sustainability’s online platform, Synergies, which aims to educate and inspire the greater community to embody sustainability in their everyday lives. In her free time, Sabrina loves to take hot yoga classes, read poetry, and swim in the ocean.