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The 71 Percent

71 percent

Mission statement:

“To raise awareness in the College of Charleston community about how our actions affect the oceans and how to reduce our impact on a local level.”

Beach Sweep

Human pollution can be found in every ocean on Earth and has already had detrimental effects on many marine ecosystems.The 71% seeks to combat this issue through direct action in the community and by raising awareness. We do this by hosting educational events, such as the Greenbag Lunch Series, Do-It-Yourself Workshops, participating in outreach to local schools, and through community partnerships. Through these actions, we hope our community will consider and further understand issues facing the world's marine environments.

Established in the Fall of 2015, The 71% Initiative at the College of Charleston focuses on spreading awareness on environmental issues that directly impact our oceans and waterways.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Comprehend the vitality of marine ecosystems in our lives

  2. How mistreatment of the oceans by one individual affects the global population

  3. Understand the prevalence of plastics in trophic levels and biomagnification

  4. Realize the modernity and prominence of plastic in our daily lives and how that affects our oceans

  5. Locally, why more frequent flooding is a result of anthropogenic sources

  6. Why fisheries management is important for ecosystems and economies

“Health to the ocean means health for us.” -Sylvia Earle