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Public Engagement

The Office of Sustainability is involved with the local culture and community in and around the College of Charleston. Through the Urban Garden Apprenticeship, and Sustainable Greek initiatives, the Office is working to bring sustainable ideas and practices to College of Charleston and the greater Charleston community.

Greek Life

Visit the new Greek Life page for up-to-date information.

Fair Labor Practices

Sustainability not only encompasses a large array of environmental justice issues and energy reduction efforts, but it also requires an evolution in our social and cultural practices as well. The Fair Labor Practices Commitment is a project that connects global and local issues by examining the multifaceted relationships between College of Charleston licensees, their factories overseas, as well as the working conditions of the physical plant staff and faculty.

The project seeks to educate and create awareness about the interconnected relationships between the Fair Labor Association and the communities they impact directly and indirectly such as:

  • Trademark licensing
  • Companies/factories
  • The College of Charleston
  • Workers Rights Consortium

Sustainability Orientation

Beginning in the Summer 2012, the Office of Sustainability started working with New Student Orientation to welcome incoming freshmen and transfer students to the campus. We are currently involved with the Information Fair. Office Staff and Interns have created materials designed to take new campus-community members through sustainable initiatives at the College and how they can become involved with the Office. The Green Guide is a comprehensive brochure to all things sustainability at CofC, while the Move-In guide was created specifically for students living in the residence halls. 

Orientation Summer 2015

Urban Garden Apprenticeship Program

Interested in Hands-On Sustainability? Apply to our Garden Apprenticeship Program for bi-weekly discussion, experience, and community trips that dig deep into Sustainable Agriculture!

  • Quick application

  • One-semester commitment that builds your resume in gardening and sustainability

  • Free DIY goodies / garden space

  • Network with local farmers & like-minded peers

The garden apprenticeship is a 10-week, semester long program that delves into social justice issues, environmental issues, and sustainability within agriculture. This program simultaneously connects these topics with the practical knowledge of farming and gardening through a restorative urban lens. We will be working with the Sustainable Agriculture program's on-campus gardens as well as community farms, urban gardens, and green initiatives. We will also be having lectures, taking field trips, and making different DIY projects.

Visit the new Garden Apprentice page for up-to-date information.

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