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Tracking our progress on sustainability

The Office of Sustainability pursues campus sustainability and institutional resilience by working on projects that fall under one of the five dimensions outlined by our Sustainable Action Plan:

We invite you to explore our completed and ongoing projects, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Sustainability Shout Outs

While Office of Sustainability news, projects, and events are the focus of this website, we are fortunate to work for a university with countless other organizations and individuals that pursue campus sustainability. Here is a shout out to the amazing Dixie Plantation project as well as the hard-working staff of Residence Life and Housing.

Dixie Plantation's Golden Pearl Heirloom Gardens

As part of it's effort to facilitate and promote student driven, experiential learning, the College of Charleston has embarked on a Sustainable Garden at the 881 acre historic Dixie Plantation. The garden is a Master's Candidate project through the MES Graduate Program, supported in part by the Office of Sustainability and the ECOllective Fund.

The Dixie Plantation's website describes the project as such:

"Through a grant from the Golden Pearl Foundation in 2011, students, faculty and volunteers have been at work on building a large organic garden using heirloom vegetables that date back to the time Dixie was established. In preparation for a major planting in fall 2012, an irrigation system and multiple raised beds have been installed. A pathway lined with original bricks from Randolph Hall removed during the recent restoration create a special link between Dixie and the main campus."

Check out the Garden's Facebook or the Dixie Plantation page for more information.

Residence Life and Housing

In Fall 2012, the Office began working with Residence Life and Housing to provide a variety of sustainability programming for students and staff in the residence halls. The main focus has so far been centered on two campus competitions designed to increase student engagement and participation in sustainability initiatives. The fall semester competition was Recyclemania, an enormously successful effort to divert waste from residence halls and historic houses that was so successful only due to the hard work and dedication of residence hall staff and of course students. We look forward to continuing Recyclemania in 2013. The spring semester brought us the 2013 Campus Conservation Nationals described above.

In addition to student-driven competitions, educational programming has also been key to the Office's partnership with Residence Life and Housing. Kaitland Finkle developed a number of resources that help RA's work throughout the year toward creating a more sustainable community in the residence halls. These materials include a guide to the first floor meeting, sample bulletin boards, and suggested program activities. The most encouraging component of our partnership has been the positive attitude from everyone in Residence Life. They have joined our efforts to improve campus sustainability, and we are excited to continue our work in the future!