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Sustainability and Climate Action Plans

The Sustainable Action Plan is the organizing document for all of our projects and other efforts. Along with its companion Climate Action Plan, the Sustainability Action Plan focuses all of our efforts toward one thoroughly planned and well-integrated integrated path.

Through the American College and University President's Climate Commitment (ACUPCC), the College of Charleston has committed to setting a climate neutral date as well creating a Climate Action Plan (CAP) to guide the College to carbon neutrality. The Climate Action Plan is to be submitted to ACUPCC by January 15, 2013. The Office would like to go a step farther and create a Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) to help to guide all sustainable initiatives on campus. We have established a team of faculty, staff, and students to finish both action plans during Fall 2013.

We have established 5 goals and 26 sustainability objectives to move the College toward sustainability. We will use this frame work for our planning around sustainability . We are in the process of creating the CofC Sustainability Practice Network, that will help develop the agenda and draft the strategic plans.

Action Plan