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Fall 2016 Apprentices

Molly Plueneke, Chair
Fall 2016 

Molly is from Kansas City, Missouri. She majored in Geology and minored in Biology with an emphasis in Environmental Geoscience. Molly loves to travel, dance, draw and hang outside.

Catherine Ann
Fall 2016 

Catherine Ann Eaves is a sophomore majoring in Biology and minoring in Environmental Science and Anthropology. Originally from Abbeville, SC, Catherine’s interests in sustainability stem from her love of nature and have only grown since coming to College of Charleston. This semester marks her first working with the Office of Sustainability. In her free time, Catherine likes to listen to music, read, hike, and just chill.

Amber Calahan
Fall 2016 

Amber Callahan is a senior at the College of Charleston majoring in Biology and minoring in Studio Art. Her love of gardening and nature grew from spending time with her grandmother, who showed her how to tend to plants, and is also what inspired my curiosity and love for the natural world. I also love animals and so in my future I am planning on working with wild animals whether it’s being a veterinarian, a researcher, and/or involved in wildlife rehabilitation. Stemming from my love of nature and animals, I enjoy incorporating sustainability into my life and living a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle for a better future for our planet!

Julie Chea
Fall 2016 

Julie is a recent graduate of the College of Charleston in the spring of 2018 with a degree in Computing in the Arts, with a concentration in Studio Art. While at the College, she was actively involved in several organizations that focused on social justice, diversity, and sustainability. She was also one of the first members to participate in the Urban Agriculture Apprenticeship. Now as she navigates post-grad, she strives to explore the intersections of art, technology, and activism in order to pursue additional paths that cultivate dialogue about social justice and community narratives in today’s tech-saturated culture. Always excited to collaborate as a team, Julie thrives in environments that seek to empower one another while promoting mindful and sustainable practices.

Marybeth Grimes
Fall 2016 

Marybeth Grimes is a Senior at the college pursuing a degree in Public Health with minors in Psychology and Environmental and Sustainability Studies. She is looking forward to pursuing her passion for sustainability so she can one day be a leader and model for others on the individual level, as well as a collective level. A few of Marybeth’s academic focuses include sustainable nutrition, development, and consumption, food systems, hydrology & water management and personal health. After college, she hopes to get a Master's degree in Global Sustainability and work internationally. Marybeth enjoys being outside with friends, having a cup of tea after a hot yoga class, taking road trips to see live music shows, traveling to as many places as possible, and promoting sustainable, conscious living 24/7.

Madeline Kiser
Fall 2016 

Madeline kiser is a graduate of the college of Charleston with a major in public health. She is planning on going to nursing school after graduating in 2018 in hopes of becoming a midwife. In her time at the College, Madeline was involved with many different organizations on campus, such as Cougar Ambassadors, Alpha Delta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Student Alumni Association, and Nursing club.

Bryan Ko
Fall 2016 

Bryan is currently a freshman majoring in computer science and minoring in environmental studies. Sustainability has always been a passion of his. He also loves being outdoors and doing outdoor related activities, such as backpacking and kayaking. One of his favorite things is waking up to a bonfire and making a fresh cup of coffee while backpacking. He is very excited to be a part of the garden apprenticeship and to help the community and environment around him.

Lacey Lindsey
Fall 2016 

Lacey Lindsey is a junior majoring in Sociology and minoring in both Urban Studies and Historic Preservation. She hopes to someday work as an architect and is interested in commune building, transitioning to a zero waste lifestyle, and permaculture. She is also the student coordinator for Safe Zone and the Vice President of the Gay Straight Alliance. In her free time, she enjoys writing lyrics, pressing flowers, and perfecting her vegan cheese recipe.

Zadie Mathis
Fall 2016 

Zadie Mathis is a junior at the College from Greenville, SC. She is majoring in Philosophy (with a special interest in eastern philosophy) with a concentration in law and a minor in environmental studies. Zadie's love and appreciation for nature blossomed as she grew up around, and explored, the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her interest in gardening and sustainability grew through her experiences in the community of Asheville, NC and from witnessing the successful and sustainable community practices they have in place there. Zadie loves listening to music and attending music festivals, hula hooping, backpacking, and spending time with her dog, Buddha.

Jess Morris
Fall 2016 

Jess Morris is a Sociology major, psychology and environmental studies minor, and a junior at cofc. She is interested in how agriculture and human behavior affect the environment. She's not entirely sure what she's going to pursue in the future. but feels as though she has finally found a passionate path to continue on. She loves to create art, go hiking, and make others feel joy.

Amelia Pantazis
Fall 2016 

Amy is a junior from Indian Land, S.C. She is a Biology major with a minor in Chemistry. She loves the outdoors, exploring, tumbling, painting, dancing, and discovering new coffee shops. Amy's interest for urban gardening was sparked as a kid when she would visit Greece. Her parents come from two extremely rural villages in Greece that depend on their own produce. From visiting Greece every summer and staying in the villages, she has seen the positive effects of how urban gardening promotes not only a healthy lifestyle but also a healthy Earth as well. She is excited to learn more about gardening through new sustainability techniques and hopes to inspire her friends and family to adopt these techniques.

Shanti Pieniak
Fall 2016 

Shanti is a senior at the College of Charleston and is originally from Clearwater, Florida. She has lived in Charleston for six years and is proud to call it her home. She is studying Psychology and Political Science and graduating a year earlier than expected. Shanti is passionate about making a difference in her community and would like to eventually spread the message globally. Her dream is to build and run multiple 100% sustainable orphan relief facilities worldwide.

Meghan Smith
Fall 2016 

Meghan Smith is a freshman at the College of Charleston. Her variety of interests has currently left her at a loss as to what she wants to major in, but she is currently eyeing either Anthropology, Sociology, or Communications. Meghan loves contributing goodness to the world, whether it's environmentally or socially. She also has a love for art, and has a potential interest in pursuing studio art as a career. In addition to those things, Meghan is also passionate about music, festivals, and in general being SUSTAINABLE!

Julia Wofford
Fall 2016 

Julia Wofford is a sophomore from Aiken, SC. When she is not busy with school work and babysitting, she enjoys being outside and exploring. She loves kayaking and walking her dog, Avery. She is actively a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, RUF, Student Alumni Associates, and Move Groove & Get Active. Julia also enjoys volunteering at one of the local homeless shelters, the One80 Place.

Spring 2016 Apprentices

Olivia Cohen, Chair
Spring 2016 

A lover of all things vegetable and mineral, Olivia hopes to work on an urban farm after she graduates in May and grow her love of, well, growing things. While Olivia has worked at the Office of Sustainability in a number of capacities including working on social media, outreach, and Synergies, this spring she is taking over as the Garden Apprenticeship Coordinator. While most of her life is consumed by her Political Science and International Studies classes, she can sometimes be spotted outside of the library goofing around with friends, dancing around the kitchen, and doing pilates.

Harmony Baggat
Spring 2016 

A freshman intending to major in biology and minor in environmental studies, Harmony joined this program in hopes of becoming a better gardener and member of the sustainability community. You can often find Harmony taking photos, attending local concerts, or chatting on her radio show. Harmony hopes to study abroad next year in Spain and work with World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) over the summer. The Garden Apprentice program is right up her alley as she’d love to work in the field of sustainability.

Caitlyn Baxton
Spring 2016

A South Carolina native, Caitlyn is excited to begin her role as a Garden Apprentice in hopes of learning more about gardening and bettering her community through new sustainability techniques. Lover of people, food, and the union that is made when the two are brought together, the Urban Garden Apprenticeship serves as a new opportunity for Caitlyn to bring the two together in a more environmentally friendly way. Caitlyn is currently pursuing a degree in Anthropology and exploring potential minors. A dedicated student and yogi, Caitlyn can often be found outdoors, whether to study or simply soak in the sunshine.

Sophia Beyer
Spring 2016

From New Jersey and eager to learn and experience as many things as possible, Sophie is a sociology major at the college. She is a member of the Garden Apprenticeship and is interested in learning how to live a more environmentally aware life and keep her succulents thriving. Sophie is a member of the watersports and outdoors club and is a practicing yogi. She likes to explore new places, swim, and is an avid reader. Her vegetable personality type was matched as a potato, but she prefers sweet potato.

Jordan Brody
Spring 2016

Jordan is a senior studying history and historic preservation and has an affinity for gardens and farming. Inspired by his aunt’s farm in upstate NY, he started the farm and garden club in high school and can’t get enough of the outdoors. Care for ski, hike, fish, and day with the foster dogs we have in and out of our house.

Sarah Cohen
Spring 2016

Sarah Cohen is a junior from Westport, Connecticut majoring in art history and classics with a minor in English. She is currently the president of Chi Omega and was a Greek Life representative in the office of Sustainability. When not translating copious amounts of Latin, Sarah leads study abroad info sessions as a peer advisor. She has studied abroad twice and can't wait to travel again. It was through backpacking in Slovenia last summer that she fell in love with agriculture and ecotourism. She saw how gardening, farming, and being outdoors as much as possible kept Slovenians so happy and healthy. It was also here that she discovered her favorite book, The Bell Jar.

Destiny Dahl
Spring 2016

Originally from Columbia, SC Destiny Dahl is in her fourth year at the College of Charleston. She's pursuing a major in International Studies with a concentration in Africa and double minoring in Dance and Environmental Studies. Destiny loves gardening, playing outside, dancing and practicing yoga. In her free time you'll find her at the beach or sleeping somewhere in the sunshine. After spending a semester abroad in Stellenbosch, South Africa, Destiny is excited to be back in Charleston working with the Office of Sustainability this semester! She's passionate about caring for the natural world and creating meaningful relationships with members of the community.

Skye Dempsey
Spring 2016

Originally from Orangeburg, S.C, Skye is a biology major minoring in environmental science. Her motivations for joining the Apprenticeship are to help with the urban food movement and to build her knowledge of gardening. “I really want to see a more sustainable period and growth in garden numbers so that we can achieve the results we as united people had once achieved.” In addition to her gardening interests, Skye also plays club soccer.

Maggie Hale
Spring 2016

Originally from Vermont, Maggie is currently a sophomore studying International Business and Environmental Studies. She has a love for all things outdoors, and when she isn’t helping promote sustainability and local agriculture she is most likely trying to find a dog to pet or reading Joan Didion.

Bri Heupel
Spring 2016

Bri is a sophomore from Goose Creek, S.C. She is a marine biology major with a minor in environmental science. She loves being outdoors, doing crafts, yoga, reading, and learning new things. She volunteers as both an exhibit guide and an aquarist assistant at the South Carolina Aquarium. She is a member of Alliance for Planet Earth and the Volunteer Corps.

Ian Kordonis
Spring 2016

Ian is a local guy very interested in learning more about urban agriculture and local farming. He works as a valet attendant in the mornings, before his classes, at the VA hospital in downtown Charleston. His parents do small-scale growing at their house on James Island and it intrigues him. While he finishes up his degree in Business Administration, he hopes to carry everything he’s learned out into the world!

Aidan Londregan
Fall 2015 - Spring 2015

Aidan is fascinated by sustainable agriculture and wants to get more involved with it at the college. A regular sportsman, he played rugby as a member of the College of Charleston’s club team. Aidan also has an affinity for music; he plays the drums and various other assorted instruments. He has a two-year-old Pitbull named Maya and when he is not with her he can be found making music. His favorite book is On the Road or anything by Edgar Allen Poe. Soon to be a senior, he hopes to do something interesting this summer.

Julie Raiguel
Spring 2016

Julie is a current sophomore studying biology. She is very interested in all sorts of topics in the field – from agriculture to the biology of sharks. Originally from Collegeville, PA, she loves to travel and even studied abroad in Spain through the College in fall of 2015. When not at school, she spends her time hiking, SCUBA diving, and doing karate. She is very excited to be a part of this program and to learn about urban gardening.

Jaime Stacy
Spring 2016

Jaime Stacy comes from Point Pleasant, NJ, but currently lives in Park Circle with her family! She is a senior at CofC majoring in International Business and minoring in Spanish. She works at Dellz Uptown and also interns at an organic farm in North Charleston called Sow Seasonal Farm! There she helps to grow arugula, mesclun, hibiscus, sage, romaine, carrots, radishes and more! After interning last summer, Jaime has developed an interest in sustainable agriculture and public health in general. Food Sovereignty is something she believes that everyone in the Charleston and North Charleston area should be aware of! She is looking forward to learning more about composting and how to work with Ms. Nature. Jaime is very excited to work with everyone this semester and can’t wait to get her hands dirty!!

Samantha Stanton
Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Britton Holmes is a senior at the College of Charleston pursuing a double major in International Studies and Political Science with a minor in Spanish. Originally from Ponte Vedra, Florida, Britton is passionate about people, nature, fresh fruit and vegetables, bees, music, and her cat Tim. Once she graduates, she is determined to travel the world sustainably. Britton is interested in social justice and cultural understanding and she is excited to incorporate a different perspective into the Urban Garden Apprenticeship as the coordinator this semester.

Johnsie Wilkinson
Spring 2016

An urban studies and historical preservation major, Johnsie has always been interested in different formats for bettering her community. An advocate for healthy eating and sustainable practices, Johnsie joined the Garden Apprenticeship to learn more about growing her own food. She works as a peer mentor and her happy place is in an open field of tall grass. She loves avocadoes, the tiny house movement, hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and all things 70s! “I am a kale (chip).”

Fall 2015 Apprentices

Britton Holmes, Apprenticeship Coordinator
Fall 2015 

Britton Holmes is a senior at the College of Charleston pursuing a double major in International Studies and Political Science with a minor in Spanish. Originally from Ponte Vedra, Florida, Britton is passionate about people, nature, fresh fruit and vegetables, bees, music, and her cat Tim. Once she graduates, she is determined to travel the world sustainably. Britton is interested in social justice and cultural understanding and she is excited to incorporate a different perspective into the Urban Garden Apprenticeship as the coordinator this semester.

Victoria Alexander, Garden Apprentice
Summer 2015

Victoria Alexander is a junior at the College of Charleston pursuing a major in Urban Studies with a minor in Environmental Studies. Originally from Charlottesville VA Victoria grew up with a passion for the natural world. Victoria is currently the market coordinator for the Student Farm and Garden Club for the College; she also is a committee member for the Ecollective Student Project Committee. Victoria hopes to further her knowledge of sustainable action by attending graduate school after she leaves here, either in sustainable urbanism or environmental law.

Megan Carpenter, Garden Apprentice
Fall 2015 

Megan Carpenter is a Junior at the College of Charleston where she currently is a German major and an Environmental Studies minor. Megan's true passion is Environmental Studies and she hopes to travel to Germany to get her Masters Degree in Environmental Studies as well as certifications Permaculture and Cob Building. Megan's goal in life is to travel and teach others how to sustainably grow their own food and build their own houses with natural resources. The Garden Apprentice Program has been the perfect starting point for her and she can not wait to learn more!

Adam Hutton, Garden Apprentice
Fall 2015 

Adam Hutton is originally from Daufuskie Island, South Carolina. At the College of Charleston he is majoring in geology with a minor in entrepreneurship, which he plans on using to work in the field of sustainability one day. His primary hobby is playing guitar but he also likes woodworking and reading.

James Kessler, Garden Apprentice
Fall 2015 

James Kessler is a Junior at the College. Transferring from Appalachian State University, he is originally from Charlotte, NC. He is a Biology Major with a minor in Environmental Studies. With his first semester on campus he was trying to be involved with activities that were available from the start and the Urban Garden Apprenticeship really stood out. He hopes the apprenticeship will expand his knowledge of gardening so he can hopefully work on a Vineyard in Italy one day.

Monica Mullis, Garden Apprentice
Fall 2015 

Monica Mullis is from Rock Hill, South Carolina and is a sophomore at the college. She is a physics major with an atmospheric concentration and is interested in working in environmental protection in the future. She loves Africa, the mountains, yoga, and weird nerdy spiritual physics things! She hopes to one day help to sustain forests, farms, or indigenous environments by observing what may cause their ecosystems to change, and doing something about it to help the people and the planet! A lover of all things vegetable and mineral, Olivia hopes to work on an urban farm after graduation in May and grow her love of, well, growing things. While most of her life is consumed by her Poli Sci and International Studies classes and her work as Editor in Chief of CisternYard News, she can sometimes be spotted outside of the library goofing around with friends, cooking good food, and doing pilates.

Jeniffer Soto-Perez, Garden Apprentice
Fall 2015

Jeniffer Soto-Perez was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and was there until she was 20. Always interested in science, after three years of studying Microbiology she decided to join the Navy. While in the service, she realized that she was meant to travel, so she changed her mind and, after finishing her contract, she decided to study Geology. Love brought her to Charleston, SC, which led her to enroll to the College of Charleston to pursue a Geology major. Now she’s 24 and ready to continue her education at CofC. Lover of surfing, soccer, mountains, and the whole planet Earth itself, she wishes to one day help better the environment, and hike the Himalayas!

Jessie Woodruff, Garden Apprentice
Fall 2015 

Jessie Woodruff is a senior at the College of Charleston where she is a Geology major with an Environmental Studies minor. She grew up in Woodruff, South Carolina on a cattle farm with responsibilities of maintaining the family garden. Jessie is the president of the Farm and Garden Club where she plans weekly events based on the fundamentals of gardening. She applied for the apprenticeship in search of ways to get more involved and connected with Charleston farmers.

Summer 2015 Apprentices

Summer 2015 Apprentices

KATIE KERBEL, Apprenticeship Coordinator
Fall 2014 - Summer 2015

Katie Kerbel graduated in the spring of 2015 with a degree in Arts Management and Environmental Studies. Originally from New Jersey, Katie became interested in the environmental movement through her father’s business Environmental Health Investigations in the industrial hygiene field. This summer, she studied water resources and pollution in India and was fascinated by how cultural values affect the quality of the environment. She is particularly interested in the social aspects of sustainability and believes that art plays a key role in developing creative sustainable solutions. Katie is the Garden Apprenticeship Coordinator and helps run the urban garden at the Political Science Department. In her free time, Katie enjoys going to concerts, swimming in the ocean and watching movies. After college, she plans to buy a one-way ticket to Europe and travel the world while also trying bangs for the first time.

SAVANNAH LANGLEY, Garden Apprentice
Summer 2015

Savannah is a junior at the college of Charleston currently pursuing a B.S. in Psychology with a double minor in Spanish and Linguistics. She enjoys a wide variety of activities and interests, including rafting, good quotes, hiking, painting, traveling, playing the guitar poorly, writing, volunteering, and cooking. Savannah is passionate about making a positive impact on her community and has altruistic hopes to make a difference in the world around her, which has led to her interest in the Office of Sustainability and her position within the Gardening Apprenticeship where she is excited to be learning about urban gardening and other sustainable and practical alternatives to food production.

ALEX SHAPERO, Garden Apprentice
Summer 2015

Alex Shapero is currently a senior at the College of Charleston, studying Political Science and Spanish. Originally from California, Alex interned as a DJ at a local radio station and for the past two years has worked at Cistern Yard Radio as well. In 2014, he worked in Washington DC as an intern for a congresswoman. In addition to these interests, Alex is interested in politics of the developing world and wrote his independent research on Sudan. In his free time, Alex enjoys biking, swimming, and reading fiction.

TANNER WHARTON, Garden Apprentice
Summer 2015

A rising junior from Greenville, SC, Tanner is currently majoring in Political Science and concentrating in African studies. This is Tanner’s first year with the office and he is excited to be working in the Garden Apprenticeship Program. He has a young chameleon named Ivy and she's his pride and joy. He enjoys bouldering at Coastal Climbing, eating the local seafood, sword fighting and walking dogs on a nice day.

Fall 2014 Apprentices

Garden Apprentices Fall 2014


Shannon Gallagher is a sophomore at the College of charleston, currently undecided for her major but hopes to practice alternative medicine and homeopathy, perhaps Ayurvedic medicine or other ancient healing therapies. She has a strong passion for nature and hopes to one day live in a rural area with her own self sustainable garden, aquaponics system, and plenty of animals. She is very excited to be involved in the gardening program any chance she can! She is a vegan and has a strong opinion on the need for plant based diets in America. She is really excited for the fun and lknowledge the garden club will bring! :)


Audrey Rittenhouse is a senior at the College of Charleston where she is a Biology major with an Environmental Studies minor. She grew up in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania where she spent a lot of time outdoors which fueled her love for nature. Audrey is a member of the Women's Swimming and Diving team where she competes in the 100 and 200 backstroke as well as the 100 butterfly events. Due to her swimming she has found it difficult to get involved with many other things on campus and is looking forward to working in the garden.


Elizabeth Wiley is currently a senior at the College of Charleston.  She is a Public Health major and an Environmental Studies minor.  She is from Alexandria, Virginia and plans to stay in the Charleston area after graduation.  Elizabeth has not had the opportunity to work on any gardening projects before, and she is excited to help work on the College of Charleston’s Sustainability garden.  She has a large interest in the organic farming movement and water quality around the world.


Kindall Brantley is a Junior at the College of Charleston. She is currently pursuing a double major in Studio Art and Art History, but has always been interested in Environmental Science and sustainability. She volunteers at the MUSC Urban Farm and interns at Redux Contemporary Art Center. Kindall is very interested in the connections between environmentalism and public art.


Allison Moore is a Junior at the College of Charleston.  She is from Mantua, New Jersey but is happy to now call Charleston home.  As a junior pursuing a double major in Business Administration and Hospitality and Tourism, Allison is interested in sustainable business practices and hopes to open her own establishment in the future.  She is thrilled to be apart of the Urban Garden and is looking forward to getting her hands dirty! In her free time, she enjoys biking, kayaking, and painting.


Makenna Coon, a Junior at CofC, is a Biology major and Environmental Studies minor. On campus, Makenna is a Peer Academic Coach in the Center for Student Learning as well as Peer Facilitator in the Center for Excellence in Peer Education.  With a passion for urban agriculture sparked by local non-profit urban farm The Green Heart Project who she interns for, she is excited to expand her knowledge and experience here at The College’s urban garden!


Brianna Taber, a Senior at The College of Charleston majoring in Public Health. She is originally from Nashville, Tn where she plans on returning to after graduation to get a certificate in nutrition in the efforts of becoming a Registered Dietitian. She became more interested in the environment during her time abroad. She was apart of a program called Semester at Sea. She got to travel to 15 countries in Europe, Africa, and South America. During this trip she got a global perspective on how everyday actions affect the world. After returning back to the College of Charleston she decided to start a local project for her sorority. She intends to start a garden at the Alpha Delta Pi house on campus. She is thrilled to have this opportunity to make a small change which could lead to big results.


Myckie Jacobsen is a Senior at College of Charleston where she is majoring in Biology and minoring in Environmental Studies. She is originally from Alamogordo, New Mexico, but has live in many different states and also overseas. She loves studying abroad and has attended two different programs with CofC to Panama and to India. Myckie is also a non-traditional student who loves the environment and wants to protect it not only for all future generations, but especially for her grandson, Lincoln. She is excited to be part of the Urban Garden this semester and she hopes this will be an amazing learning experience that will help her start her own garden.


Spring 2014 Apprentices

Garden Apprentices Spring 2014

Born and raised in the Piedmont of South Carolina Caitlin has spent most of her young life navigating the waters of the social turmoil of mainstream scholastic endeavors and working to inspire her peers and fill her mind with knowledge. Upon entering her training at the College of Charleston she discovered an untapped passion for the Earth and learning to become a better steward. Coming from humble beginnings and battling the systematic oppression of those at an economic disadvantage Caitlin hopes to one day lead her peers and maybe even the world in a sustainable revolution to help preserve the World as we know it and save not only the human race but the fragile life forms that exists all around us.


My name is Kendall Axt and I’m a senior at CofC, majoring in Political Science, with a minor in Environmental Studies. I love traveling, scuba diving, and being outside. I first got introduced to the concept of sustainable farming while attending a high school in The Bahamas, which was focused around sustainable living, and instantly fell in love with the practice. It was so much fun to work outside and reconnect with where we get our food from. I have also had the opportunity to work on organic farms in Costa Rica and South Africa. I am very exited to continue learning about sustainable agriculture, especially in an urban setting, and to be able to apply it to our campus!


My name is Nolan Hunter Barrett. I am a California native, but I decided to come all the way out to the College of Charleston to pursue a Marine Biology degree and Medicine. I have always had a keen interest in the natural world around me and how the health of the environment effects my health. Even though I am majoring in Marine Biology, I have so many other interests including gardening, beekeeping, fiction writing, and Ultimate Frisbee just to name a few.


I basically know nothing about gardening or agriculture, but I’m fully committed to developing my knowledge and skills within this field. I’ve lost touch with the ‘natural’ world (though I never really held it to begin with), and I hope to improve my relationship with the Earth’s biosphere. Understanding the environmental systems that contribute to our food supply is an incredibly important tool for long-term sustainable development. And in a time of globalized industrialization, it’s important that we not only remember our environmental roots, but also have the capabilities to foster those roots to create, cultivate, and sustain natural life on a planet we all call ‘home.’ Also, I really enjoy dinosaur kale.