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Urban Garden Apprenticeship

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Mission Statement:

“To explore theoretical and pragmatic applications of sustainable urban agriculture through workshops, field trips, seminar-style discussions, and hands-on experience gained through volunteer opportunities and workdays in campus gardens. The program aims to develop a sense of community, provide students with tangible learning experiences, and redevelop our relationship with our agricultural systems.”

The Urban Garden Apprenticeship Program is an intensive, semester-long program designed to give students the opportunity to explore the intersection between social justice and our urban food system. Apprentices participate in on- and off-campus workdays, field trips, seminar-style discussions, and workshops. Our multi-disciplinary approach critically examines various aspects of our food system, from food deserts to farm labor, while teaching participants the basics of sustainable agriculture and growing their own food. The program aims to develop a sense of community both among its members and with various organizations in Charleston’s agricultural sector, provide students with the opportunity to explore urban agriculture, and to pair student experiences on campus with various other community members. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about the urban agriculture movement and its role in food security
  2. Explore the interplay between social and environmental sustainability
  3. Grow as active citizens by giving back to the Charleston community
  4. Gain basic skills and knowledge to continue on the path of active citizenry with outside organizations
  5. Become competent in the fundamentals of gardening and learn how to start and maintain a personal garden

Past curriculum goals included learning about: soil composition, herbal household items, food deserts, composting, seed starting, companion planting, crop rotation, bed building, indigenous agriculture, vertical gardening, herbal remedies, organic pest control, and permaculture design.

The Urban Garden Apprenticeship Program is partnered with the Sustainable Agriculture Program at the College of Charleston. Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

All of this is made possible by our various community partners: The Cofc Grounds DepartmentMUSC Urban Farm, West Ashley Hindu Temple & Cultural Center, Lowcountry Street Grocery, Fresh Future Farm, Hickory Bluff Farm, Blue Pearl Farm, and the Charleston Permaculture Guild.