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The Office of Sustainability internship program seeks to provide student with an opportunity to learn more about all facets of sustainability, become involved in initiatives to develop more sustainable solutions to campus problems, and to gain hands on experience implementing those solutions in the community. We are committed to serving students through educational and experiential opportunities and giving students a space to serve our broader community. Knowledge and experience in sustainability is not a must; we encourage all students to apply!

Types of Internships

We have developed an internship program that allows for flexibility and growth in experience in order to meet the different schedules and needs of CofC students. The internship program has several tiers with varying goals and expectations for each:

  • Project Rotation Internship: The project rotation internship is for students brand new to the office and field of sustainability. A 3-5 hour per week time commitment, these interns rotate each month onto a new project in order to gain experience in different initiatives.
  • Unpaid Undergraduate or Graduate Internship: Typically a 5-10 hour per week time commitment, interns work on one particular project during their internship. This position was created for students interested in working at the office on a particular initiative, but who may have a full schedule and limited time availability.
  • Partnership With a Community Organization: A relatively new internship program, the partnership internship coordinates College of Charleston students with on and off campus organizations working to create sustainable change in Charleston. Beginning in the summer 2015, the Office of Sustainability has partnered with GrowFood CarolinaLowcountry Street Grocery, the 5 Gyres Institute, the Bee Cause Project, the Historic Charleston Foundation, and the Center for Civic Engagement. Students work anywhere from 5-15 hours per week gaining real world experience. 
  • Internship for Academic Credit: We encourage students from all academic backgrounds to apply for an internship for credit position with our office. The number of hours required per week is dependent on the major. In the past students from a wide array have academic backgrounds have earned credit hours toward their degree through this internship. A chart exhibiting the diversity of the areas of study of our interns can be found below. 
  • Paid Undergraduate or Graduate Internship: Typically the coordinators for the Office's initiatives, paid interns are required to work 10-15 hours per week and serve as the lead on their projects. Project coordinators usually work with the office in an unpaid capacity prior to becoming the lead on a project. Sustainability Fellows are interns that have worked with our office for at least one academic year.

Our interns work on a variety of projects at the Office of Sustainability. The Office will work to match you with an existing project that you would find enjoyable and challenging, but we also encourage the pursuit of any new ideas that you have for improved campus sustainability. For more information on our current projects, visit our Initiatives page. 

Personal and Professional Development

A huge component of our internship program is personal and professional development. We strive to create a safe environment for students to develop their professional skillset as well as to discover more about themselves. Each semester we host leadership workshops, field trips, and other professional development opportunities for the internship staff.

For any questions regarding offered internships visit our Contact Us page.