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CofC Student Organizations

  • CofC Clean Eats - "Our mission is to support good, clean, and fair food within the Charleston community by joining hands to rediscover the importance of honoring our food from the farm to the table and appreciating the fruits of our labor..."
  • Alliance for Planet Earth - "The Mission of Alliance for Planet Earth ("APE") is to promote awareness of social and environmental issues; relevant to the College of Charleston community, as well as the local, state, and national level." 

Charleston Community Organizations

  • Center for Women - "The Center for Women is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that serves to help education and advocate so that women in South Carolina have economic success and are leaders in their professional, community, and personal lives."
  • Charleston Green Committee - The Green Committee's mission is "to provide leadership and practical solutions to ensure a prosperous community that will sustain healthy lives for our citizens and a healthy earth."
  • Charleston Moves - Charleston Moves "encourages mobility by bicycle (and on foot) for the improved health and well-being of greater Charleston — our people, neighborhoods, business districts and overall economic competitiveness."
  • Charleston Parks Conservancy - "Our mission is to increase the quality, awareness, appreciation and usage of Charleston’s parks and greenspaces."
  • Green Drinks Charleston - "Every month people who work in the environmental field meet up at informal sessions known as Green Drinks." 
  • GrowFood Carolina - "GrowFood Carolina’s mission is to help the local food market reach its full potential by providing meaningful opportunities to rural farmers that will strengthen and secure the future of a regional food supply and ensure that local rural lands remain in agricultural use."
  • Fields to Families - "Fields to Families empowers the Lowcountry's hungry by providing nutritional education and fresh produce from local farms and gardens."
  • Keep Charleston Beautiful - KCB is "dedicated to promoting the cleanliness and beautification of the City of Charleston through education, public awareness, and community involvement. We focus on waste responsibility, litter prevention, and community beautification."
  • Lowcountry Local First - LLF's mission is "to advocate the benefits of a local living economy by strengthening community support of our local-independent businesses and farmers."
  • MUSC Urban Farm - The mission of the urban farm is "to improve health and maximize quality of life through education, research and patient care, MUSC has developed a half-acre of the North Garden as an educational garden with the goal of creating opportunities for our community to learn how to eat for health."
  • Sea Island Habitat for Humanity - "We dedicate ourselves to the residents of Johns Island who partner with us in building safe and affordable housing."
  • South Carolina Coastal Conservation League - "is to protect the natural environment of the South Carolina coastal plain and to enhance the quality of life in our communities by working with individuals, businesses and government to ensure balanced solutions."
  • The Sustainability Institute - The Sustainability Institute's mission is "empowering South Carolina communities to transform our homes and workplaces to conserve energy and reduce our overall environmental impact."
  • Sustainable Seafood Initiative - "The Sustainable Seafood Initiative helps ensure that consumers have fish for the future by teaching our partner chefs about sustainable and local seafood, assessing their menus, and encouraging consumers to dine at our partner restaurants."
  • The Sustainable Warehouse - "The Sustainable Warehouse’s goal is to prevent usable building materials from ending up in the landfill."

National Organizations

Helpful Tips

These links provide helpful tips on integrating various aspects of sustainability into your daily life.

Facts and Statistics

These sites below show interesting facts and statistics regarding sustainability and human activities. 

Recycled Products

A few links to help you source your materials from recycled methods.

Job Resources

Here are a few links that provide great resources for those looking into jobs in the Sustainability field.

Please note: The College of Charleston does not officially endorse any of these products or organizations. They are listed here only as a convenience to assist students, faculty, and staff to find information. The sites listed here have no affiliation with the College of Charleston.